Deals on car wash delhi

Deals on car wash delhi

Deals on car wash delhi

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User Name Remember Me? I was looking forward to see the quality of work, after newtonMeter s thread on the Gurgaon outlet. I haven t been to the Gurgaon facilty so really can t compare, here s my short take on the Delhi outlet. Work handled: What I like: Good, clean work 3M materials used. Detailing bays are well lit, kept clean , spacious Attention to detail Staff is knowledgeable, and they know what they re doing Customer friendly Location Easy access to residents of south Delhi at least What work I had done from them: A foam wash for the Swift covered in rain muck, dirt and droppings.

The pricing is worth the work done for my wash. My Call: Recommended This is the place I ll be going for a foam wash in the future. I ll try their waxing next time. Contact Details: Kailash colony main road, I. On the road from Nehru place to Moolchand, It ll be on your left, in the Hotel Conclave compound, just before Ajit Arcade the one having plethora of auto shops , and just after crossing the Metro station.

The board is quite prominent, you won t miss it. Facebook Link - Linky , some exotic cars wrapped and detailed displayed! I had a chance to meet with the promoters Mukul Dewan and someone else , they were knowledgeable and handled the setup quite well, and the interaction was smooth. They used 3M formulations for cleaning the car, and had a good stock on display of Meguiar s detailing products for one to buy and go for DIY detailing The staff was quick, used good quality microfibers to dry the car and any excess water was driven out by compressed air from difficult to reach areas.

The engine bay cleaning was very well done. Tyres were dressed, all the black plastic parts given a slick coat. The paint condition of the car is not that good, there are a good amount of swirls,marks, nicks and dings that come free with Delhi traffic. I did not click a whole lot of pictures excuse the quality,phone cam , the guys had already started the wash when I started clicking , so it s not a true before after comparison but a gives a fair idea.

During the wash. Pressurized water was used to loosen the dirt, and get rid of the muck. All foamed up! The dry up All Done! The Meguiar s products on sale. The car detailing bay s Disclaimer: I am in no way commercially involved with the outlet, this is purely my personal opinion. Last edited by GT Nice to see them finally setting shop in Delhi. From the pics I feel that the Gurgaon outlet is more spacious.

Secondly there washing facility appears to be open from the pics. The gurgaon outlet has everything enclosed ensuring a better end result I presume. The following BHPian Thanks drmohitg for this useful post: Took my car for some well deserved treatment at 3M Car Care, Delhi. I am really impressed with the quality of workmanship, and the commitment towards work. Services availed: Thus, I planned to get the interiors detailed as it has never received one in past 2 years. The interiors were quite clean as I never drive with the windows rolled down, and keep cleaning it every months through vacuuming and hand application of Formula 1 leather cleaner.

Though it looked good, I felt it require professional detailing. I wish I carried a good camera to showcase the great work that the team did. It was an impromptu visit thus, the only camera with me was the pathetic one in my basic Blackberry. Anyway, I have asked them to email a few pics that they clicked, and will perhaps click a few more and post.

My ownership thread has loads of pics to compare the past and present. The most important point for me was that the store is managed by people that are passionate about automobiles. Had a long chat with both the owners, Mukul and Gaurav. Even the manager there seemed like a very hands-on and competent manager. The famous rallyist. I don t think there can be a greater testimonial to their abilities and seriousness than the fact that they are being led by a man, whose passion for automobiles can be read on Wikipedia too.

I would highly recommend their services to anyone interested in getting their cars, professionally detailed. Here s a pic of the car after application of wax. Total with tax was INR Last edited by Biraj: What were the prices for both, i will probably get the latter done only , my interiors clean enough right now. Originally Posted by Biraj. Last edited by SDP: Snipped quoted post. Originally Posted by sinhead. Biraj How do they clean the carpet? I have to get the interiors cleaned but carpet is a priority.

Carnation guys only "vacuum" it. Not an extensive picture review this time around but wanted to give my feedback on them. I noticed them a while ago and have been attempting to go ever since and finally got a chance to visit yesterday. I wanted to find out about costs for various packages especially the fabia since she is now turning almost 3 and well deserving of some professional tender love and care , more so given she is black.

Additionally thought i would try their foam wash also which everyone has reported as being VFM Upon walking in i was greeted by the store manager who then proceeded to give me a demo of some of their services via a tablet , well spoken in english as well and more importantly appeared quite knowledgeable. I informed me and he happily accepted that i would get a demo on half the hood before proceeding with the task , i am also planning to go in for the basic dry-cleaning again subject to a demo or billing basis my satisfaction.

The washing bay area is definitely tight on space , once a car the size of the Linea goes is , enough acrobatics are involved to get the pressure washer into places from both the sides , but the did it nevertheless. Good patient rinsing , covering all possible areas of the car including the engine bay as well. The foam was then put on covering the car nicely - scrubbing and then rinsing. The rinsing started even before the scrubbing was completed - one last panel was left - this was a bit of an irritant because ideally i would like to see a couple of minutes of the foam acting on the car post the scrubbing rather than taking it off instantly.

Once the rinsing was done the car was reversed a bit to a slightly larger area of the drive allowing for more access from the sides and the drying procedure began with 2 guys at it with microfiber cloth. The supervisor also came out , inspected the job and gave further instructions for a new cloth to be brought out and used on the car a few more times to get rid of some marks and for the car to be vacuumed and floors mats to be cleaned. He repeated and got them to keep cleaning the car with the cloth a few more times which i really appreciated.

All this while i was standing quietly , having noticed that the alloys were still dirty with brake dust and grease , but i did not want to say anything so i could get an idea of the attention to detail that they have - the first 2 times the manager did not say anything but on the 3rd he noticed them and issued instructions for them to be cleaned , i really appreciated this "eye for detail" and told him as well The interiors were done and so were the alloys but he was still not happy with the alloys being completely clean certain parts , especially near the air valve areas were still black which i had already noticed , so he got the car inside the detailing area , under the lights and then got a team working on them.

I have to say this was especially pro-active as far as i am concerned and i had guys by this time armed with various fluids and brushes of all types attacking the dirt on the alloys. They spent a good 20 minutes cleaning them and got every little speck out by the time they were done. While the alloys were happening he got someone to keep wiping the car as well.

All this for a grand total of a little over INR , really really good value for money , the "express wash" service which has started in many petrol pumps are more expensive than this , do not have the same eye for detail and dont do half as good a job as these guys did. I am going to take the Fabia to them this weekend and also do a proper picture capture of the process.

Between the sealant treatment and the dry cleaning it is going to cost roughly about , not very cheap but the fabia deserves it and if they do a good job i will make it into an annual visit if not bi-annual. Tough choice deciding whether to go in for 3M or one of the many boutique spas which are available in Delhi , which are also a little cheaper , but i think it is prudent to try these guys especially given i have had exposure to their way of working.

And if i am happy with what they do with the Fabia then Tizzie goes next , who looks quite shiny in the picture below but there are tons of swirl marks on her already. For those following my ownership thread you will notice that the side is all repaired and never looks like it had got a hit. Attached Thumbnails.

Last edited by puchoo: The following 2 BHPians Thank puchoo for this useful post: Originally Posted by puchoo. Upon walking in i was greeted by the store manager who then proceeded to give me a demo of some of their services via a tablet , well spoken in english as well and more importantly appeared quite knowledgeable. Good to read that , yes i know it was Rahul i just did not want to disclose his name at this point in the thread.

If you are happy with what they did on your esteem then i should definitely be happy! Originally Posted by adn. The guy you may have met was Rahul. He is a gem of person and has a keen eye for detail. Nothing to be worried about mate as your car will be in safe hands. I have got my Esteem done the paint sealant process from there. It s a 7. I got some matte work done on my Honda City too from them and I vouch for their skills.

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Looking for professional car detailing products online? To achieve rich results, it is recommended to use tools and products which make your efforts fruitful. We have everything you want for making your car look like just brought from the showroom. Using top-notch car care products actually make a big difference for detailing. So cut-down your efforts and get desired end-results smoothly with right products in your detailing arsenal. Get your desired interior or exterior car detailing products at best prices any time of the year.

By using OEM parts, we serve your car to do its best, because we know what your car wants.

Jasmeet Singh s life was quite uneventful until one day, when he was travelling on a highway in Germany and observed a car wash center every 10 minutes of his drive. This was when he realized the potential for a similar service in India and started Speed Car Wash - A car cleaning service in Ludhiana. One little known fact about speed Car wash is eco friendliness, using only two-three liters of water to clean a car!! Yes, that is less water than a person drinks per day. It was at NIIT where Jasmeet was exposed to the franchise model and decided to try it out in his venture. Pushpinder Singh, co-founder, has over 15 years of experience in managing big businesses with large manpower.

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Car Service and Repair Coupons. Car Service and Repair Coupons all 22 coupons 4 offers Verified on 7 Apr Just Hurry up and shop today without using any discount coupons. Comments 0. Deutsche Bank Offer:


This startup can wash your car in under three liters of water

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Ola Car Wash brings to you Eco-friendly steam washing services. Ola Car Wash brings to you eco-friendly steam car washing services affordable price at your door step. Steam cleaning is best and popular ways to clean your vehicle in an eco-friendly manner Dry cleaning is a modern magic to clean the inner parts of the car, which is cleaned up to a level without wetting the parts of your car, which is basically clean and well-organized Ola Car Wash Project has been considered successful, and the company is now planning to expand its services on the franchisee model Franchise is a proven concept to achieve goals.

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Magnus Autocare Car Solution: Hit the road with car audio speakers that deliver crystal-clear sound. Our primary point as an industry consolidator is to build up the much-divided auto arrangements advertise. We serve our clients with extraordinary offices however at a low cost. You will get all auto-related arrangements under one rooftop for every one of the brands. We have exceptionally qualified and prepared experts who are specialists in repairing any sort of blame in your auto in a brief timeframe. In the event that any part gets harmed and should be supplanted then we guarantee you to supplant it with the result of comparative quality. You can ask for your vehicle benefit from the solace of your home. With us, you can appreciate bothering free auto benefit whenever.

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Our professional and trained team members deliver the world-class Car Dry cleaning services at Doorstep. Our updated techniques and equipment makes the car cleaning services of high standards. Our premium Car Detailing Services segment helps to keep and maintain car in great shape. Wind shield Cleaning. Complete Car body rubbing, Buffing and Polishing by machine and hands. Our premium waxing and polishing restores the car original shine and glow. Polishing keeps the car shining. It also includes the car roof dry cleaning, AC vents Cleaning. Detailing is generally broken down into two categories: There are products and services that focus on these two areas specifically.

Verified Supplier. Najafgarh, Delhi Plot No.

Read More. Roadster Guru one-stop shop for all your car accessory needs. Having carved a niche for itself by providing excellent quality products, Roadster has spread its wings far and wide across the Noida-Delhi-NCR region. Roadster Guru takes care of all your car accidental claim needs with a single window concept and is trusted for their customer-centric approach and services. Roadster Guru is planned to offer high-tech equipment and facilities for any kind of work on your vehicle. Roadster Guru car loan services can help you determine your payments. Roadster Guru is the largest integrated multi-brand car solutions firm. The quality ASE Automotive Service Excellence certified technicians at Roadster Guru are fully equipped with latest automotive technology as to handle all major and minor repairs for foreign and domestic vehicles. Roadster Guru workshop covers an area of about SQ. We are fully loaded with automotive machine tools and equipment s. All our technicians at Roadster Guru are trained and they possess technical degree from reputed technical colleges. Roadster Guru is a full service car repair agency with fast services at reasonable prices. We believe in honesty, integrity and professionalism as well. Write us, we will get back to you shortly.

Rome is not built in a day but your car will be ready in minutes. Yes, get your car pampered with most modern technology with Cozi Cars Insta Wash package in just 20 minutes. In this you get A perfect complete cleaning package. No part of the car remains untouched by us if you opt for this package. Left to Right; Top to Bottom, Clean everything. Complete vacuuming of Interiors with Paint Correction to remove

We are more focused and passionate about our work than any other company. The standards we have set for ourselves provides us with the benchmark of the quality which is maintained or surpassed by our team in every refinishing or detailing job performed at Auto XpertZ. The services offered by Auto XpertZ is one of the best in the industry. A one stop solution for complete, clean and sparkling car. Our team stands testimony to the quality of work which has constantly met our expectations and often times exceeded them. We congratulate your team on the diligent efforts being put in. Please keep up the good work. Auto XpertZ has been taking care of our cars for past few years. They are so knowledgeable and professional about all aspects of auto detailing. We received great value from your service. Thank You. I am so impressed to get my car detailed from you, thank you for providing the exceptional service quality.

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