Different categories for coupon binder

Different categories for coupon binder

September 4, at 8: June 20, at 8: One question, I understand the filing system, but coupons expire so quickly, how is it that you have so many usable coupons? Thanks for letting me know. February 8, at 9: I use a bonder as well.

How to Organize Coupons PLUS Free Coupon Binder

September 4, at 8: June 20, at 8: One question, I understand the filing system, but coupons expire so quickly, how is it that you have so many usable coupons? Thanks for letting me know. February 8, at 9: I use a bonder as well. I think it works great for the coupons you intend to use and also for just going through them when doing regular grocery shopping. August 17, at April 16, at 2: Hi, Stephanie. I hope you can email me personally, but anyway, my question is, what brand is your binder and where did you buy it?

I love the extra pockets. March 28, at 6: Hey Stephanie, I have been trying so hard to read everything on your site so it can help me get started couponing. I have never done this before but I have watched the television show extreme couponing and thought it was amazing if my family could get a stock pile of grocery and non grocery needs. I am disabled and so is my husband, we live on a fixed income and have hardly any money left over for anything even groceries.

I get Thank you so much. March 12, at 5: Hi I watched the video of your binder. It looks great but how many coupons can you get in one card slot? It looks like it would take a long time to put all the coupons in there weekly…is that true? March 19, at 2: It just depends on the coupon, but I can usually fit 8 coupons 4 of 1 facing front and 4 of another facing the back.

If I need more spots, I just add another baseball card page. July 2, at 6: Hi, I was able to get a great deal of information out of your binder organizing, but if you only have one coupon for each item, alphabetically, that binder can get really heavy. Those pages in just a quantity of can be heavy. By the sounds of it you already have your coupons ready when you walked in the grocery market, but the investment is quite a bit in the beginning as those pages are somewhat expensive. Not all coupons are the same size and do not work alphabetically.

I would forget where they would be if of a different size. These used to be packaged in the local newspapers. Now, with the economy the website has gotten smarter and everyone, not only newspaper subscribers, get the coupons. On the other side of couponing, not aggressive I organize differently. I have a book, similar to photo albums, big and small, arranged in categories such as cereal, laundry detergent and that is alphabetically organized.

If another category comes into play it is place at the end of my binder. I take a look at the sale papers when distribution comes out right away in the mail. The common items, bread, milk, and cereal, come to mind just about every week. A great deal of items have dates on them now, even canned fruit, and if the items are just placed in the pantry, stuck way in the back and never used it is a waste and not a savings at all.

I circle all the items of interest. I find this very easy to do with small books, at even a lunch hour, instead of having such a huge book with everything in it. I can see keeping the Wal-Mart separated differently then my method above. I organize Wal-Mart by aisle descriptions. I deserve the savings and if a holiday comes up during the month, two 2 weeks before the holiday the savings goes into extras for Thanksgiving dinner and Christmas gifts.

Drugstores are all set up so differently. Certain items relating to the human body I do not purchase at the grocery market. I prefer only drugstores in those cases. That is why laundry detergent stays being purchased at the grocery market and body washes, lotions, shampoo and soap, etc. Laundry detergent washes the clothes that go on my body, only. I have never been under the budget savings and that two hours a week spent on organizing my coupons is well worth my time.

April 1, at I am hard of hearing.. NOt able to understand you about ur coupon binder.. March 29, at January 27, at 7: Thanks for the video I have just become getting serous about coupons and Im always amazed when I watched the extreme couoponing on TV, I am much older now working a full time job and returning to college but I hate seeing all my hard earned money go to the grocery stores, so I starting my new quest, my mother used to tell me you dont have much control over your electric bill or you insurance bill but you can always save at the grocery store, my mom and dad would take a cruise every year with the money she saved with her coupons, so I know it can be done.

January 19, at 8: Totally impressed with suggestion on coupon organizing. This helped me out tremendously. January 1, at 9: I use to use coupons years ago when my kids were little and money was tight. I use to use a small accordion style organizer and was always spending so much time thumbing through a stack of coupons. Thanks for the video and letting us look at your binder. Where did u buy your binder? I plan to visit your site often for tips nd ideas.

October 21, at 4: I am just starting to use coupons. Thank you for all of the help and tips that everyone has posted. I am not extreme and I only clip the coupons of products that my family uses. I am trying to figure out seasonal sales items and how frequently any item goes on sale and all of that. I would like to build up a three to six month supply eventually 12 month because the economy is changing and I want to be prepared in case of an unexpected job change or something of that nature, My nusband is a full time student and his mother and uncle live with us they are unable to work age and health related so I am the current bread winner.

I think it is great to buy the things we use for less and it is fun! It will take a while to learn but that is ok. Thanks again. April 22, at 9: This was so helpful! I cannot thank you enough. I plan to go and buy a binder as close to yours and organize my coupons in the same way tomorrow. It will definitely save me time in the future. Thanks again! February 25, at 3: February 24, at 9: I used to keep them in a small accordion file or index card box, but always a pain to find.

I had been on your site previously and get the emails, but never really took the time to look the site over. I was shopping one night and saw 3 women with binders and coupons. I knew I could find that on your site…I think it is fabulous and will be trying it. So much easier to use coupons when organized. February 20, at Het meest vooraanstaande vertaalbureau voor al uw vertaalbehoeften.

Professionelle vertalingen online en offline, dag en nacht, dagen per jaar. December 27, at 6: Loved the video! Love this entire site, it is so helpful and easy to understand. December 5, at 8: I absolutely loved your video I am going tomorrow if its not freezing outside to get everything for my binder. I already have my stash of coupons and I also do a clipping service. I love the savings its a rush that I get tickled by.

Your a blessing Cindy. November 27, at 8:

Organizing Coupons Hall of Fame: Readers Share How They Do It

I started with base categories then added more subcategories for items I have a. These coupon binder pages can help you to be better organized for your trip to the store. Coupon binder bags. Over games listed cost of directly from local branch to open the square-foot coupon binder categories and subcategories 4,. Coupon Binder Ideas Coupon Valid.

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Yesterday I explained my method of couponing and promised to share how I organize my clipped coupons in a coupon binder. Deciding to clip all the coupons meant I needed better organization so I created this coupon binder. I have my coupons separated into different categories: Each category divider slips into an 8. If the coupon is too big to fit in the business card slot, I fold it to fit, leaving the expiration date visible.

My Coupon Binder Organization Method

When I first started using coupons about two years ago, I had a plain white envelope that held the few coupons I had. After learning more about couponing and finding more coupons, I worked my way up to a little file folder and then to a big blue coupon binder with 14 categories and pages upon pages of coupons. A big binder full of coupons is not a light load. I hated the thought of missing out on any deals so I would take my binder everywhere. And I mean everywhere. Carrying around that big binder was just too heavy, and this is one of the reasons that contributed to my decision to let it go. I had a ton of coupons in my binder that I knew I was not going to need.

Free Printable Coupon Binder Page Inserts!

There are many ways to organize your coupons out there. It is a great way to start couponing the simple easy way. Now, there is no right or wrong way to organize your coupons, you just need to find the right way that works for you. I set up my binder in that fashion. Things you will need: A nice big sturdy binder. There are also lots of great options out there for cute binders like the coupon clutch or the stylin binder. Insertable Tab Dividers Mine currently use about 25 dividers.

Free Coupon Binder Printables, Coupon Organization Video + More

Coupon Binder Categories can help you figure out how to maximize your Coupon Binder! Below I have listed the ones I used when I clipped my coupons I organize them a different way now. Here are some master coupon categories, and subcategories, to help you organize your coupons if you clip them. Using these categories to help you file your coupons can keep you from getting overwhelmed and more easily put your fingers on the coupon you need, when you need it. You can check out the selection on Amazon. I am not a fan of having a huge binder so when I had a coupon binder divided this way these were the categories I had just the main ones.

How to Make a Coupon Binder

Need some inspiration and ideas for organizing coupons? If so, this is the place to be. During week 7 of the 52 Weeks to an Organized Home Challenge I asked everyone to tackle coupon organization , and many of the readers wrote in to share with me how they do it in their homes. I was surprised at all the alternative methods represented by the ideas shared below. There are those who don t like filing inserts, those that don t want to clip coupons, and ways to avoid using a bulky coupon binder. However, as different as all these ideas are they are all ones that really work for people, not just in books or blogs, but in the real world! I like that. So choose a method below that works for you, or tell me your method if you do something even slightly differently. In addition, if what you see here inspires you to get your coupon piles in order, I d love for you to participate in the challenge too.

How to make a coupon binder and keep it organized (plus printables)

Clip your coupons. You can find these online or in newspapers. As you clip, remove expired coupons and place coupons expiring first at the front. Create your meal plan based on coupons or items in your pantry expiring first, or just based on what you want to eat. Create your shopping list — pull out coupons that you want to use now…. If you like to shop by aisle, then sort your coupons this way. There are pages included in the coupon binder kit — use them all or only those that you need! Record it on this page.

We all want to save money at some point in our lives especially at the start of a new year and a great way to do that is with coupons. To be a successful couponer you need to organize your coupons for easy access.

5 Easy Steps to Create and Maintain Your Coupon Binder

You will be using your binder a lot, so buying a quality binder that can hold up is important. Some people like to use photo albums for binders. This is a good way to start because most albums come with plastic photo pages inside. Another popular choice are binders found in school supplies departments. Look for the kind that zips all the way open. Select from 3 to 5-inch, three-ring binders for ample room. If you are going with a binder and not a photo album, you will also need to purchase the nine-pocket collectors baseball card holders to hold your coupons. They look much like the plastic sheet protectors, but they have three pockets across and three down which is perfect for holding coupons. When shopping for the holders try to get the most for your money. Prices can vary, but generally the more pieces per pack, the less the cost per piece. Get the holders that have the notebook holes already punched in. Generally, the baseball card holders can be found at hobby stores, Wal-Mart, Target and on Amazon.

Coupon binder categories and subcategories

Basically you will need a binder to fill with coupons. Then use clear pocket sleeves to organize them by category use baseball card pockets to organize coupons themselves. This free download contains 24 pages with different categories including 3 blank pages in which you can write down your own categories. The file is in PDF format so all you have to do is download it to your computer and print! Hope you all enjoy it! Got questions? We have answers.


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