Tax day deals 2019 houston

Tax day deals 2019 houston

By Stacy Fisher. Tax day freebies are freebies given out by businesses on the day taxes are due, which this year falls on Monday, April 15, These tax day freebies can make an otherwise dreary day a little bit brighter. In addition to the tax day freebies, you can also find a list of tax day discounts at the bottom of the page. Great American Cookies is giving out a sweet tax day freebie that you won t want to miss.

Cheeseburgers to cookies, all the free things you can get on tax day

One winter when I was in high school, my dad saw a deal where you could get free tickets to a Washington Wizards or Caps game if you bought enough Chex Mix. He bought 96 bags of Chex Mix and got 20 Wiz tickets so my brother and I could take a bunch of friends. But the Wiz were terrible so he switched that order to the Caps, and the Wizards front office didn t do their accounting, so we got 40 free tickets.

Well, he didn t technically buy the Chex Mix. He combined the store offer with a discount from Chex, so in the end Giant Food paid him a few cents for each bag on top of the free tickets. My brother and I were the ones who really paid for the experience, because we had to eat Chex Mix every day for like three months straight. That s what Tax Day is like: Even if you re among the lucky ones, like me, who are poor enough to get a refund, you still have to go through the process.

And unlike with money, the government can t refund you for the time you spend, but just when you thought all was lost, here comes the private sector to the rescue! Turns out that a lot of companies, restaurants especially, offer freebies and special discounts to make your Tax Day slightly less nauseating. Or more nauseating, depending how you feel about an apparently real chain restaurant called Hot Dog On A Stick. Cheese, massages, and, yes, paper shredding.

First we ll round out the miscellaneous category. From April 14 through April 21, participating HydroMassage locations offer inordinately stressed American taxpayers one free massage bed session. It s the 10th year the company has offered the promo. To find a HydroMassage parlor near you, check out their web page. You ll need to make an online appointment for your session, which will probably be short -- one source says ten minutes -- and you can also print out your coupon there.

Hilarious and very specific promo here: Through April 28 these two dinosaur business models will let you shred up to five pounds of documents for free, including tax records. Unsurprisingly you ll also need to print out a coupon, which you can find here , and then immediately use it to shred itself. Not all gyms have massage beds, but the ones that do probably use HydroMassage. That s it for the miscellany. Let us sojourn on to the free booze.

They re running the popular perennial "Dollarita" promotion through April I m not sure this technically counts as a Tax Day special, but it s out there, and a sweet deal for anyone who files late or wants to drink themselves into a filing-late corner. Wash down that sugary booze with sugarier booze: Chili s is slinging Cuervo Blue Margarita for five bucks. You don t need a coupon—it s Chili s.

Anyone can do it. It s simple: Just leave your pickax in the car, stumble up to the bar and ask. An intoxicant. If you live in one of the 49 states that don t have TooJay s, you can skip this one. Bonus for Florida residents: No state income tax. And now for the places that you wish had booze discounts. Chuck E. This tax season, treat yourself and your dependents to a scream fest.

Buy one large cheese pizza, get one free. They ve got beer, but you re gonna have to shell out. They re no fools. Hot Dog on a Stick. Told you. These places exist in the southwestern U. On Tax Day they ll give you a free turkey dog or veggie dog. For their annual Tax Day promo, you can get a half-chicken meal, plus two sides, cornbread, and regular drink. Get it? California Tortilla. Participating locations will allow anyone in America, including serial killers, to wander in off the street, slur their way through the phrase "chipping in," and in return get a free small order of chips and queso.

Completely insane. If you re a procrastinator, Hardee s is giving you a reason to get started early: Free sausage biscuits from 7 to 10 a. Again, any madman in the country can simply trip in to a participating location, stumble through the secret password -- "made from scratch" -- and eat themselves into a diabetic coma that will prevent them from filing their taxes that day. This special runs Tuesday through Thursday: Get a free medium sub with purchase of a medium or large sub, chips, and a drink.

Again, you ll need a coupon, which you can find on the Firehouse Facebook and Twitter pages , but if you subscribe to the Firehouse newsletter, the coupon comes to you. If you buy chips and a medium drink, Schlotzsky s will give you a free small sandwich. I d liked to have watched the accounting process where they decided on this bizarre bargain, because it doesn t make much sense in terms of making money. Schlotzsky s accountants probably get audited all the time.

As with Chuck E. Cheese s, this one s for dependents only: Half-price cheeseburgers at participating locales. Limit five per customer. It s Chill Out Day at Kona, the tropical ice truck company. Find a participating truck near you here [LINK www. Sonny s BBQ. Check out this pun: No coupon. Any stumblebum with a few bucks and a working knowledge of the English language can execute this exchange.

Tony Roma s Steakhouse. Buy an entree and get a free order of Kickin Shrimp! Wait, sorry—that s a free Kickin Shrimp coupon. Unclear whether you can hand the coupon back to your server and get the shrimp, or if you have to come back on a non-Tax Day. Twice the pleasure, I guess. Great American Cookies. There s nothing more to be said about this. Cookies are great. Ad Choices. The Loop. Share this story: HydroMassage From April 14 through April 21, participating HydroMassage locations offer inordinately stressed American taxpayers one free massage bed session.

Power Couples. Random Daggers. Mickey D s All Around. The Final Strokes. The Masters. Phil Being Phil. Golf Grub. Bad Breakups. Florida Man Strikes Again. Grift City, USA. Rogue Umps. The Loop If online college is set to be the norm, here s wha…. Accessibility Help. All rights reserved.


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Bring your own mug, and get 10 cents off any day starting tomorrow.

Tax Rate Information: This year s levy to fund maintenance and operations expenditures exceeds last year s maintenance and operations tax levy. Houston, TX Summer Hours: Four days work week June through July; Monday through Thursday; 7:

Your all-in-one guide to all the free crap you can get on Tax Day

Start a Federal Tax Return. Texas does not levy an individual income tax on TX residents. This means that you re not required to file a Texas state tax return. Texas has a state sales tax rate of 6. Counties, cities, transit, and special purpose districts have the option to impose additional, local sales and use taxes.

Private Donors Give Nearly $2 Million to Help Tax Day Flood Victims

In some cases, you can get the money within 24 hours. To be eligible, you must have your taxes prepared by the company offering the loan. You must be due a refund of at least a certain amount, which varies by company. Time to funding: Within minutes up to 24 hours if you choose to have the money loaded onto a prepaid debit card; if you want the loan deposited directly to a bank account, it will take one to five business days. You must have your taxes prepared at a Jackson Hewitt office and bring pay stubs or other income verification. Same day, in most cases. Tax preparation fee: You can use temporary card information to purchase items online; a physical card is sent by mail within five to 10 business days.

Tax Day Freebies

Retailers are helping you chill out and save money on Tax Day Here are some free and cheap deals in Houston on Tuesday, April 17, Whole Foods Market: Whole Foods Market is giving free 12 oz. This freebie is available from 8 am — 10 am April 17 at all Whole Foods locations in Texas and other Southwest states, per my Whole Foods email that has no link. Houston residents can get a free 12 oz. Just print the image or show it on your mobile phone to get the discount.

Texas Income Taxes

March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb. April comes in like a fool and out like a person who has eaten so well they need a serious afternoon nap. At least, the evidence points that way. The month is loaded with food deals that are damn-near irresistible. We put this list together every month, and can officially say it s a good month in which to eat and drink. To be fair, you should eat food every month, but also this month. Below, you ll find all the free and cheap food deals worth your time throughout the month. We ll be updating the post throughout the month and every month with new deals that are actually worth the effort. Check back often to know exactly which days you should offer to buy lunch for your coworkers without telling them there s a buy-one-get-one-free BOGO deal down the street.

Data Protection Choices

Yossi Gozlan February 11, While this may be a cause for celebration, that figure is still a small cushion. He will reach 2, minutes if he averages He is currently shooting Regardless, Rockets general manager Daryl Morey has some work ahead of him if he wants to completely avoid the luxury tax. But during the regular season, the minimum is They must fill two roster spots within two weeks of the trade deadline, which is February Through careful cap management, Houston can fulfill roster obligations while remaining under the tax.

The popular diner offers all-you-can-eat pancakes on its Value Menu. If you want more of a breakfast, … [Read more

Informative Articles in Response to Tax Day Flooding

Feeling a little bit short after paying your tax bill this year? Try one of these tax day deals that save a little dough. Bruegger s Bagels: The deal, which is good through April 17, includes 13 bagels and two tubs of cream cheese. Boston Market: No coupon is required. California Tortilla: Say "chipping in" when placing your order on April 17 and you ll receive a free small chips and queso with any purchase. Chuck E. For every large pizza purchased April , guests will get one large cheese pizza free. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. Hide Caption.

Today s biggest deals that did go through: Get the latest intel and analysis from our experts here, including trade grades and live after-the-buzzer updates. Anthony Davis didn t get traded -- now what? While the pool of players available to acquire in a trade will shrink in the offseason, expect clarity to set in during the months of May and June. By lottery night on May 14, we will know if the Boston Celtics have two top draft picks, plus which team has a chance to draft potential franchise player Zion Williamson. What is Markelle Fultz s next move in Orlando?

Thank you for stopping by and visiting our website. Your support is greatly appreciated. We use this site to keep our clients and community informed on things related to their business and their community. April 15th is the deadline for filing your feferal income tax return. If you are expecting a refund you are eligible for an automatic extension until October 15th. It you are anticipating to owe taxes and are not prepared to file between now and the due date then we can file an extension for you. However, that will not stop interest from accruing. Our suggestion is to at least let us look over things ASAP and of course before the deadline comes to help you determine your best course of action in regards to filing your income tax return. This also applies to prior year returns. We are still in the process of mailing out checks for income tax season referrals. If we missed you or you have questions text us at Our company will be a sponsor at the Southbelt Cook-Off this April 25th and 26th. We have passes reseved for 20 guests.

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