Is viral meningitis contagious in adults

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July 8, 2019
is viral meningitis contagious in adults

Viral meningitis is a virus-borne inflammation of the meninges, which are the.

Meningitis can be caused by fungi, parasites, injury, or viral or bacterial infection.

Because of its flu-like symptoms, many people mistake it for the flu. Viruses that cause stomach flu are a cause of viral meningitis, but.

Rarely life-threatening it can still leave people with life-changing after-effects. Anyone can get it but viral meningitis is more common in babies & young children. Meningitis now offers support to anyone affected by any kind of meningitis.

In cases of viral meningitis it is not always possible to identify the type of virus responsible for the disease (approximately 30-40 of patients have no pathogen identified). Although hiv is a rare cause of viral meningitis, it is important that adults with viral meningitis due to unknown cause undergo an hiv test.